IT & Pakistan

If you are not doing business here already, you must have missed the news: Pakistan-The world seventh populous state. With so many people, there is bound to be a revolution.

Well Connected!

  • Over 1 million internet users.
  • Over 400 cities and towns connected to internet.
  • Almost 1 million cellular users growing at over 100% per annum.
  • Almost 50 national and international airlines serving millions of passengers annually.
  • Over 250,000 kilometers of country wide road network.
  • Over 52 million passengers using country wide railway network every year.

Located at the foot of Himalayas and off the depths of the Arabian sea, Pakistan is the intersection of the East and the West. While its northern areas offer routes, both geographical and political into the uncharted economies of central Asia and the fast growing economic giant China, its southern shores offer unencumbered traffic to and from Australia, South Asia, the far East, Middle East, Europe and Africa.

While still securely located in one of the world most commercially and politically strategic areas, Pakistan today offers a gateway into any and every conceivable medium.

As the country grows by leaps and bounds, we invite you to grow by terabytes, gigabytes and megahertz.

Map Of Pakistan.

Pakistan on the Globe.